What is Jobcentre?

Jobcentre is a British group designed to help people to get benefits or jobs. Although the latest incarnation of it is called Jobcentre Plus, it has gone by several names.

The Early History of Jobcentre

The Jobcentre Plus group as it exists today stemmed from employment problems that started out in Great Britain back in 1908. Around that time, Baron William Henry Beveridge was trying to institute some social reforms, especially relating to unemployment assistance.

He was asked by the leaders of the time to study Labour Exchanges, which first opened their doors in 1910.

Labour Exchanges were centrally located buildings in cities and towns. They were places where employers could advertise work and individuals could apply for work. Labour Exchanges also offered unemployment benefits for individuals who had contributed at least a certain minimum amount to National Insurance.

The 1918 Changes

Those paying into the National Insurance fund only worked in a few specific industries. So, unemployment benefits were not widely available to the general public. However, in 1918 the program that would later become Jobcentre and Jobcentre Plus expanded. It then started to cover those who were ex-service members or used to work in the waning war-related industries in Great Britain.

The National Assistance Act and Original Jobcentres

The National Assistance Act was passed in 1946. That act finally allowed people to apply for unemployment benefits, regardless of whether or not they were ex-service members or had paid money towards National Insurance. That system stayed more or less the same until Labour Exchanges were reworked into Jobcentres in 1990.

When Jobcentres were originally created, they were only places to go to seek employment. Individuals could not collect benefits at Jobcentres. For that the individuals had to go to benefits offices.

The Creation of Jobcentre Plus

Finally, in 2002, benefits agencies and Jobcentres were merged together, which created the Jobcentre Plus program. At that time, individuals could go to any Jobcentre location and get all sorts of job-related assistance. That included unemployment benefits (Jobseekers Allowance), help with job applications, incapacity benefits (disability or long-term illness assistance).

Today’s Jobcentre Plus

The Department of work and Pensions took over running Jobcentre Plus in 2011. However, not much has changed since it began in 2002. Only the technologies have really changed. Now people can walk into any Jobcentre Plus location and use touch screen computers to access employment and benefit information. Technologies have also changed enough that many Jobcentre Plus features can be accessed online, making it convenient for those who can’t get to their local office easily.

So, if you find yourself in need of job-related assistance, you can visit your local Jobcentre Plus office. However, you can also inquire by phone or visit https://www.gov.uk/contact-jobcentre-plus for more information about the resources that are available to you through the Jobcentre Plus program.

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Job Centre Application

If you are out of work and living in the United Kingdom, Job Centre Plus can help you to find employment. You will have to begin the process by filling out a Job Centre application.

Get the Application at a Local Office

One way to get a Job Centre Plus job application is to go to your local office and pick one up. Simply walk in and ask for an application for work. A staff member will be able to give you the form, which consists of about 3 or 4 pages.

If you’re not sure where the closest Job Centre office to you is, you can call the contact number at https://www.gov.uk/contact-jobcentre-plus to find out. The call centre can direct you to the office nearest you. You can also do a quick Internet search for Job Centres close to your area. You should be able to easily find a map or list of locations.

Get the Application Online

If you can’t get to a nearby Job Centre Plus office, or if you would simply rather obtain the form in the comfort of your own home, you do have that option. You can download the form from https://www.gov.uk/job-application. The file consists of a…

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How to Find a Job with Job Centre Plus

Jobcentre Plus is the United Kingdom’s unemployment office. You can go there both to seek financial help if you are currently unemployed and to find a new job. The process of how to find a job with Jobcentre Plus is a simple, but it can take some time.


Before you start looking for an actual job at your local Jobcentre, you should see if you qualify for any unemployment benefits. That way you can start the process of collecting those benefits as early as possible. Then you will have some income while you are looking for new employment.

First, you will need to fill out the qualification forms. The best way to do that is to go into your closest Jobcentre Plus office and ask for the forms for Jobseeker’s Allowance qualification (unemployment pay). If you qualify, your benefits will be paid every two weeks directly to your bank account.

The qualification process for Jobcentre Plus benefits takes quite a while. So, be sure to speed the process along as much as you can by filling out the forms properly. Also, make sure that you have provided any necessary supplemental information. If you make any mistakes or leave anything out, you may need…

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How to Contact Jobcentre

Jobcentre, which is now actually Jobcentre Plus, is the United Kingdom’s unemployment system. There are several ways to contact Jobcentre Plus, depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

Applying for Unemployment Benefits

If you would like to receive unemployment benefits, known as a Jobseeker’s Allowance, you can visit https://www.dwpe-services.direct.gov.uk/portal/page/portal/jsaol/lp to fill out an application to file a claim online. If you have any problems filling out the benefits application, you can contact the help desk by visiting http://online.dwp.gov.uk/help/.

Of course, you can also file an unemployment benefits claim at any Jobcentre Plus location near you. However, once you file a claim, you will need to meet with a Jobcentre representative once every two weeks to show that you are still actively seeking employment. To make, cancel, or change one of those appointments you should call 0845 604 3719 or the number for your closest Jobcentre office.

Making and Checking Claims

If you are making a new claim, you can contact Jobcentre Plus at 0800 055 6688. They can help you to create your claim. However, if you are checking on an existing claim then you should use the online form at http://los.direct.gov.uk/default.aspx?type=2&lang=en&AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1 to e-mail Jobcentre Plus or find…

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Jobcentre Plus and Employers

We hear a lot about how Jobcentre Plus helps citizens of the United Kingdom, but what about the other side of the coin. How does Jobcentre Plus help employers? In what ways does it benefit them? What is the relationship between Jobcentre Plus and employers?

Saving time

The biggest benefit is probably saving time for employers. With Jobcentre Plus and employers, the benefit of saving time and money is huge. Jobcentre Plus offers employers with vacancy, advertising services that get their jobs noticed by the perfect people for those jobs. Each week, millions of people will see the vacancies offered by the companies through Jobcentre Plus. Not only does this save the company time with having someone hired quickly, but it also saves money on everything from training to advertising.

No-hassle recruitment

One of the biggest challenges a company has is recruiting the right people. Recruiting the perfect person for a job will ensure that there is less time with training and less chance that the person hired will leave. With Jobcentre Plus and employers, there is the recruitment advisory service. This service provides free access to practical support that helps businesses hire the right person from a wide list of candidates. Jobcentre Plus…

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