Job Centre Application

If you are out of work and living in the United Kingdom, Job Centre Plus can help you to find employment. You will have to begin the process by filling out a Job Centre application.

Get the Application at a Local Office

One way to get a Job Centre Plus job application is to go to your local office and pick one up. Simply walk in and ask for an application for work. A staff member will be able to give you the form, which consists of about 3 or 4 pages.

If you’re not sure where the closest Job Centre office to you is, you can call the contact number at to find out. The call centre can direct you to the office nearest you. You can also do a quick Internet search for Job Centres close to your area. You should be able to easily find a map or list of locations.

Get the Application Online

If you can’t get to a nearby Job Centre Plus office, or if you would simply rather obtain the form in the comfort of your own home, you do have that option. You can download the form from The file consists of a 4-page printable PDF document. Simply print it out, fill in the required information, and then mail it in or hand deliver it to your local Job Centre Plus office.

What the Application Consists Of

One entire page of the Job Centre application is advisory notes about how to fill in your information. It gives clarifications about each of the sections on the application. Those sections are numbered 1 through 14.

For instance, it specifically says to use capital letters only when filling out sections 1 through 4. It also explains that you should give details about all training, schools, colleges, and universities you have attended in section 7, starting with the most recent.

Another page of the Job Centre application consists mainly of personal information. You will be expected to fill in your name, place of residence, e-mail address, and other personal and contact information. That page will also ask you for information about your work history.

The last page of the application will ask you for your educational history. It will also ask you to list references. The final page gives you a place to fill in any unique qualifications you may have that make you extra suited for the position in question as well.

Applications for Each Position

You should keep in mind that each position is different. Therefore, if you plan to apply for multiple positions, you will need to fill out multiple applications. In some cases, that process may be automated so that you can simply save your basic answers online and change the specifics whenever you apply for a new position. You should ask a Job Centre Plus representative about your options when filling out multiple applications.